Maintenance Service and Spare Parts

Service and Spare Parts for Vacuum Furnaces;

  • Periodic maintenance service,
  • Rebuilding or producing of heating chamber,
  • Graphite insulation materials,
  • CFC materials (fan leaf, profile, plate, bolt-nut and connection pieces etc.)
  • Graphite Heaters,
  • Graphite load supports,
  • Graphite gas distrubition plates,
  • Molybdenum pieces (pin, rod, plates etc.),
  • Charging grids and baskets (high resistance alloy casting, Molybdenum or CFC)
  • Ceramic pieces (tubesu, insulators, connection and supporting pieces etc.),
  • Vacuum Measuring units (vacuum gauges, vacuum transmitters, vacuum switches etc.),
  • Vacuum tight valves (butterefly valves, solenoid valves, ball valves etc.),
  • Vacuum Chambers,
  • Vacuum sealing and connecting pieces (KF O-ring, flanges, clamps etc.)
  • Vacuum grease,
  • Vacuum furnace gaskets,
  • Helium Leak Tests,

For other furnaces ;

  • Periodic maintenance service,
  • Spare parts,
  • Redesigning anf capacity increasing,
  • Engineering Services